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Your Question
11. Suppose the following sentence appears in the sports section of the newspaper:

Lorton’s experienced linemen performed well in handing Jefferson High’s Eagles a
crushing defeat.

What word in the sentence is most clearly a loaded word?

A. Experienced
B. Handing
C. Crushing
D. Defeat

12. Opinion often shows bias. Therefore, it’s good to remember that a fact is different from an
opinion because a fact can be proved or disproved with

A. imagery.
B. opinions.
C. evidence.
D. bias.

Question 13 is based on the following information about The Call of the Wild, a book by
Jack London.

The Call of the Wild is a story about a dog named Buck. Buck is a pampered dog who
lives with a wealthy family in southern California. During the Gold Rush, Buck is captured,
sold, and eventually shipped to Alaska to work as a sled dog. Along the way, Buck is mistreated
by a series of owners. Eventually he learns to survive as a member of a dog sled
team. As a result, Buck soon realizes that in the Yukon of Alaska “the law of club and fang”
is stronger than the rules of civilized society. With each new experience, Buck becomes
more acquainted with his primitive past. Finally, after losing the one person who treated
Buck well, Buck decides to return to living in the wild.

13. From the information above, which one of the following headlines would best represent the
theme of Jack London’s story?

A. Pampered Dog Moves to Alaska
B. Dog Learns the Ropes of Sled Teams
C. Dog Mistreated by Owners
D. Dog’s Roots Call Him Back

Question 14 is based on this excerpt from a short story.

Inside the bus, in his summer Class-A uniform with its brass glitter and infantry-blue
shoulder cordon, Jamie Sabin was going home. Fort Benning would be a fading dream;
Preston, Virginia, a place unknown, his future. He was in between, fumbling with puzzle
pieces, making up stories about the real Jamie Sabin. Each of these he set adrift like a
paper boat on a shifting sea of daydreams. He did that encased in the drone and shudder
of diesel pistons and hissing tires. Jamie Sabin was going home to a place unknown.

14. In this paragraph, the paper boat is a

A. simile for stories Jamie makes up about himself.
B. metaphor for daydreams.
C. simile for Jamie’s past.
D. metaphor for Jamie’s past and future.

Questions 15 and 16 are based on the following four sentences.

1. Netta and Jim argued over their views of free trade.
2. Netta and Jim had different views on free trade.
3. Netta and Jim were sharply split over the issue of free trade.
4. Netta and Jim refused to discuss the issue of free trade.

15. Which of the four sentences is not neutral?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

16. In these four sentences, the word that’s most obviously a loaded word is

A. argued.
B. sharply.
C. refused.
D. different.

Question 17 is based on the following passage.

Snow was quickly piling up on the ground. Wind howled through the trees. Karen wrapped
a blanket around her and sighed as she watched the snow through her bedroom window.

17. In this passage, you can best infer that

A. Karen is at home during a snowstorm.
B. Karen doesn’t like the snow.
C. Karen is upset because she can’t get out.
D. Karen thinks the snow is beautiful.

Questions 18 and 19 are based on the “The Little Match Girl,” which you read in this
study unit.

18. Who is the protagonist in “The Little Match Girl”?

A. The little match girl’s grandmother
B. The little match girl’s cruel father
C. The passerby who finds the little girl’s body
D. The little match girl

19. What is the setting of “The Little Match Girl”?

A. A place in the matchseller’s imagination
B. The matchseller’s attic home
C. The matchseller’s grandmother’s house
D. A wintry city street

Question 20 is based on this passage.

According to science, the fastest speed possible for anything is the speed of light. The
speed of light is about 186,000 miles per second. That means that in one minute, light
travels 11,160,000 miles. The star nearest Earth is the Sun. It’s about 93,000,000 miles
from Earth. Therefore, it takes sunlight about eight minutes to travel to Earth. So, when you
see the Sun, you aren’t seeing it as it is.You’re seeing it as it was eight minutes ago. Since
the stars are much farther away than our Sun, imagine how far back in time you’re seeing
them! It’s obvious that humans will never travel to planets around even the nearest stars.

20. Which statement taken from the paragraph is most likely to be opinion rather than fact?

A. The fastest speed possible for anything is the speed of light.
B. Humans will never travel to planets around even the nearest stars.
C. The star nearest Earth is the Sun.
D. When you see the Sun, you aren’t seeing it as it is.

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